Steps to Prepare for Teleworking

1. Get Access to the Internal County Network

For County-issued devices download ZScaler.
Please see our ZScaler FAQ for answers to some common questions.

For personal devices, connect to Horizon.

2. Enroll in Multifactor Authentication (MFA)

If you are onsite click here.
If you are offsite click here.

  • If you haven’t previously enrolled, you will need to setup MFA in order to access Microsoft Office 365
  • This will allow you to use a cell phone to receive a validating text message, a personal landline to receive a validating voice call, or a smartphone to receive a validating prompt via the Authenticator app

3. Get Access to Your Public Works E-Mail from Your Personal Phone

4. Get access to Microsoft Office 365

  • This portal will allow access to online versions of Microsoft Office applications
    • Outlook
    • OneDrive
    • Teams
    • Word
    • Excel
    • PowerPoint
    • OneNote
  • Through either Outlook or Teams you can lookup any Departmental contacts and initiate communications

6. Get Access to OneDrive

  • OneDrive allows you to store, retrieve and share files
  • You can temporarily use OneDrive as a replacement for your local drives (C:, H:, P:, etc…)

6. Get Access to Teams

  • Microsoft Teams can be used to replace in-person meetings with video, voice, and instant messaging capabilities
  • Teams also allows for sharing documents within a group for collective review and collaboration

7. Call Forwarding Instructions

If you are working remotely, please forward your desk phone to your personal phone; either mobile or landline will work.

8. Using Adobe Acrobat Reader to Electronically Sign Documents

You can use Adobe Acrobat Reader to add your signature to any PDF document.

  • Intranet
  • Timesheets
  • Other internal Departmental and County applications